Range Safety Technician (RST)

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date Posted: 07-06-2017
CJSeto Support Services, LLC is looking for qualified support personnel with SECRET clearances (active or inactive) for contingent hire to provide Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) with Range Munitions Safety Support Services.  .

The RST shall support the NTTR Chief of Range Safety in the development and administration of mission planning profiles for the release of munitions on the NTTR. This includes utilizing Weapon Danger Zone (WDZ) / Surface Danger Zone (SDZ) software to develop flight and ground launched profiles for aircraft and artillery to ensure energy containment and protection to personnel and facilities IAW AFI 13-212, Range Planning and Operations. Profiles are to be assessed to ensure proper range space is identified and available for all required tests and training.  In addition, the contractor shall assist with Occupational and Environmental Health duties involving records management and information awareness.

Duties include:
  1. Assessing mission requests for munition employment on the NTTR.  
    • Interface with NTTR personnel, contractors and customers to collect requests for munition employment on the NTTR. Munition employment requests shall include platform type (aircraft or ground artillery), munition type, airspeeds, altitudes, dive/loft attitudes, release distances and general target areas. 
    • Enter the collected data into the WDZ or SDZ computer program to determine aircraft headings or artillery aim points and any other restrictions to ensure containment on the NTTR. 
    • Notify the NTTR Chief of Range Safety of any issues with the requested profiles and assist in determining corrections to ensure containment of the hazard areas on the NTTR.
    • Take the resulting profiles and enter them into the Range Safety spreadsheet and then post the information onto the Mission Planning website.
    • Work with the NTTR Safety Office and Computer Support Team to ensure the current version of the WDZ/SDZ computer tool, provided by the government, is installed on the contractor’s computer.   
    • Review and correct when necessary all developed profiles to ensure the hazard areas remain within the boundaries of the NTTR. 
    • Review and update existing profiles.  
    • Participate in the Safety Review process including Safety Review Boards, advising board members of the results of the developed hazard areas pertaining to the mission profiles. 
    • Generate pdf drawings from the WDZ computer tool of the developed mission profiles as necessary to support the Safety Review process. 
    • Maintain awareness of calendar events including large force exercises and range cleaning schedules to ensure mission profiles are correctly adjusted on the mission planning website. 
    • Work with other members of the NTTR Safety Office in support of checking in and out of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as Laser Eye Protection (LEP) glasses, to customers as required in support of their missions. 
    • Work with the NTTR Chief of Range Safety in the review of the Range Safety Spreadsheet to determine changes as necessary to efficiently maintain the spreadsheet. 
    • Assist the Safety Office’s Radiation Safety Program in maintaining required documentation and sign postings, and field surveys. 
    • Assist the Safety Office’s Laser Safety Program in maintaining required documentation and sign postings. 
    • Assist the Safety Office’s Electromagnetic Frequency Safety Program in maintaining required documentation and sign postings. 
    • Assist the Safety Office’s Training Program in maintaining required documentation.

Position Requirements and Qualifications: 
  • Be proficient with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Possess ACTIVE SECRET clearance
  • Minimum 3 years experience with military munitions
  • HS degree and 5 years work experience.
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